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How We Are Changing Venture Capital Investing



Don't let your capital be held captive for years on end. Unlike any traditional venture capital investment, aVenture sets your capital free by offering the option to withdraw your capital periodically.


It's hard to diversify as a venture capitalist. With aVenture, you access baskets of startups through our funds. They are diversified across industries, company sizes, locations, and more.
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You can trust aVenture to keep your investments safe. By keeping client funds separate from our own, we ensure our obligations are completely separate from your venture capital investment. 

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About aVenture

aVenture is a platform connecting investors with startup companies and experienced venture capital firms, and fund managers. We are creating the infrastructure needed to address the persistent challenges that have long troubled the venture capital industry. 

With our platform, we will be able to provide investors and venture capitalists with meaningful data-driven insights, helping them make better investment decisions.